Monday, October 8, 2007

Anglia Perfumery~Classic Fragrances From England

Relaxing on a quiet Sunday afternoon nestled in my comfy reclining chair next to the fireplace was not when I expected to be jolted out of my 'fume sniffing' session. There is was! Oh my gosh, where has this sample been all my life? Wedding Bouquet by Angelia Perfumery is a full-out wedding in a tester vial. The dress, the beautiful bride, the pipe organ, the cake, the flowers...the everything!

The Angelia Perfumery website describes it perfectly: "A floral fragrance with a mixed floral bouquet of rose, geranium, jasmine, ylang, cyclamen, heliotrope, neroli and lilac. The base is woody with substantive, soft vanilla notes." I was definitely having one of those 'ah ha' moments where my nose finally caught up to all of my blog editing and I cold detect every single solitary note presented in this beautiful fragrance. There is a touch of honey that makes this a very romantic scent.

Available online at the English Scent.