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Anglia-Perfumery Wedding Bouquet Eau de Parfum 50ml Spray
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The Quintessence of English Perfumery

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"Smell, of all the senses, is the most evocative".

We have all experienced in one way or another, how smell and memory are connected. How important the sense of smell is to humans in a social context is reflected in every language. You either "turn up your nose at someone", or you find yourself "chemically attracted" by sense of smell. Your nose decides whom you like or dislike. Of all the senses, the sense of smell is perhaps the most subjective, the most individualistic, the least open to reason but nonetheless the hardest to deceive.

There is no argument in the world that can convince you to like something that doesn't smell good to you.
And yet for decades now I have not been able to abide the scents produced by international fragrance manufacturers. The products on offer are, with a few exceptions, uniform and conform to an unbearable degree, designed for "one" world market as dictated by the ruling cultureless scent market. The smells are identical - from the North Pole to the South. Why do they always feel the need to emphasize that their mass products develop a different fragrance on each individual's skin? Do they really smell different? They might if they were complex fragrances that had a "body of their own", as one of my customers so nicely put it. But do they? They smell the same to me. So despite the fact that we are equipped with a sense of the highest subtlety and subjective discernability, our noses have long been globalised. And what we would really like would be to each have our own individual scent.

In England, the home of the gentleman and the dandy, a special scent culture has evolved. (This was also the case in other countries - Germany for example - but there it has been almost completely assimiliated.) The reason this culture has been able to persist in England probably has something to do with one of the most endearing traits of the country - with a tendency to eccentricity. And this is what English scents are like: out of the ordinary, different, outstanding.

Our website will keep you up to date with the current products on offer. We hope this website will provide you with a charming guide through the world of the "United Kingdom of Fragrances."

Lothar Ruff